Chenille Stem Art | Floral Decor Craft

Hello there! 😊 Today I’m sharing you my chenille stem art!

For today’s craft I challenged myself to make something using jumbo wooden sticks and artificial flowers from Dollar Tree. I knew I wanted to create something that’s simple, easy to follow, and affordable. What’s nice about this craft is you can be super creative with it and make almost any art using just a few supplies! 😊

Flower Art2

I started off by using the wooden sticks to create my background. I arranged the sticks in a line. I then created a second layer on top by hot gluing each stick on the top of the middle of every two sticks from the first layer. I repeated this step to create my third layer as well. I love how it also gives a nice effect on the sides too when layered.




Now comes the fun and creative step creating your art! I arranged and hot glued each of the artificial flowers as well as some of the leaves onto the wooden sticks. Using the chenille stems I created a small jar shape and hot glued that on the wood sticks as well. I love using the chenille stems because you can bend them and cut them to the shape you want. It’s easy to work with and it sticks well onto the wooden sticks. I love the effect and softness it give the art too! 😊 To give my jar some color I cut and hot glued the chenille stems until I have completely fill the inside of the jar. I added a second layer on top to give it a more define 3D effect. 😊

Flower Art3

To complete this craft I tied and hot glued a laced ribbon on top of the jar. 😊

Flower Art

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed today’s craft. 😊

Until next time 😊, Raquel



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    1. Thank you!! ☺😊💞


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